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LiveLeader and Google Analytics

LiveLeader integrates with Google's popular Analytics service. This is a free service with impressive reporting capabilities that give you detailed insights into how visitors use your site.

Setting up

In order for Google Analytics to work, the following needs to be true:

  • You must subscribe to a LiveLeader Enterprise plan
  • Google Analytics support must be turned on. This is done by logging into LiveLeader. Select Settings > Options, and then make sure Generate Google Analytics is checked.
  • Your site must use the newest version og Google Analytics's tracking code. To find out what version you are using, take a look at this guide from Google.
  • Tracking code from Google Analytics must be installed on the same web page that LiveLeader is deployed on. Note that if you are using LiveLeader in a popup window, the tracking code must be installed in the popup window.
How it works

When Google Analytics integration is enabled, LiveLeader will generate virtual page views whenever a chat takes place. These have the following form:

/LiveLeader/<operator name>/<url>

So for example, if an operator named Sarah received a chat on your Sales page, the virtual page view will look like this:


To report on the data generated by LiveLeader, use Google Analytics as usual. You will notice that the virtual page views are indistinguisable from real page views, and you will be able to report on them in the same way that you report on the other content on your web site. (Note that we do not provide support on general usage of Google Analytics.)

  • Log in to Google Analytics
  • From the left-hand menu, select Content
  • From the left-hand menu, select Top Content
  • In the Find page containing box at the bottom of this screen, enter "/LiveLeader/"

Provided your setup is correct, you should now see a report resembling the one below. Screenshot of Google Analytics

Interpreting the report

From the report in the screenshot, we can extract the following information:

  • A total of 1317 chats have been made by all operators in the given time period.
  • The operator John has made 685 chats on the front page, and 81 on the Products page.
  • The operator Sarah has made 432 chats on the Products page and 199 chats on the Sales page.
Troubleshooting checklist
  • Has enough time passed?
    Google Analytics is not real-time. It can take up to 24 hours for page views to appear.
  • Have you enabled Google Analytics support in LiveLeader?
    Log into LiveLeader. Select Settings > Options, and then make sure Generate Google Analytics is checked.
  • Do you have the latest version of the Google Analytics tracking code?
    Have a look at this guide from Google
  • Is the tracking code installed in the same web page as LiveLeader?
    Remember that popup windows also need to have the tracking code installed.

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