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Frequently asked questions

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  • How do I put LiveLeader on my web site?
  • Have a look at this guide.
  • How do I put LiveLeader in a popup window?
  • There are two ways to do that. The easiest way is to put an image or a link on your web page, that opens up a popup when clicked. You will then put the LiveLeader code inside the popup window. For a detailed explanation on how to open a regular popup window, have a look here. For information on how to embed LiveLeader, look here.

    If you want to get fancy, you might like to customize the image or link the user clicks on to open the popup window. In the typical case, you would want to say "We're online, click here to chat" only when operators are in fact online. To achieve this, we've set up a step-by-step guide. Note that this guide requires a plan that supports customization.
  • Can I use LiveLeader with Facebook?
  • Yes, if you have an Enterprise account. Take a look at the Facebook guide, and get in touch with us if you need support.
  • Can chat invites be hidden when operators are offline?
  • Yes. However, that requires a plan that supports customization. Take a look at the customization guide, and get in touch with us if you need support.
  • How can LiveLeader be customized?
  • Not all plans support customization, but for those that do, there is guide.
  • How does Google Analytics integration work?
  • Have a look at this guide.
  • What happens when operators are offline?
  • By default, an offline indicator is displayed. With our paid plans, this behaviour can be customized as described in our guide to customization.
  • Why should I press Exit to close LiveLeader?
  • We recommend that you press either Exit or Sign out when you want to end your LiveLeader session. This is to enable the system to stop serving up your chat inviations immediately when you end your session.

    Exit will close LiveLeader, but will leave you logged in if you selected Remember me when you logged on. Sign out will log you off completely.
  • How secure is LiveLeader?
  • LiveLeader uses industry-standard SSL encryption to secure chats. Note that encryption is not available for free accounts.
  • Why is there no security "padlock"?
  • When you open the LiveLeader application, you should see a security padlock in your internet browser. This indicates that encryption is enabled. However, when you embed a LiveLeader chat invitation in your own web page, your visitors will not necessarily see a security padlock in the usual place in their internet browser.

    The reason is that the security padlock indicates whether the current web page is encrypted. And if your site does not use encryption, the web page in which LiveLeader is embedded is not encrypted, and the padlock will not appear. However, the chat is protected by SSL encryption nonetheless. To indicate this, we've placed a small padlock in the chat window.

    Note that encryption is not available for free accounts.
  • Why does the padlock sometimes disappear when using LiveLeader?
  • LiveLeader integrates with Google Maps, but Google Maps is not currently accessible via HTTPS, the secure web protocol. Therefore, when you open up a Google Maps window inside LiveLeader, your browser notices that the web page includes both secure (LiveLeader) and insecure (Google Maps) elements. It would therefore be slightly misleading for the browser to tell you that the entire page is secure. Note, however, that LiveLeader is still 100% secure and encrypted, it's only ther Google Maps data that are transmitted over an unencrypted HTTP conection. This should pose no security risk.
  • Can more than one operator use the same login?
  • No, operators cannot share logins. When an operator logs in, other sessions with the same email/password will be terminated. If you require more than one operator, you need a paid account.
  • I get the error message "Invalid domain"
  • Some plans (including the free plan) can only be used with one domain. If you attempt to deploy LiveLeader on a different domain from what you specified, you will get this error. You can change the domain by selecting Settings > Account > Update address.. and then selecting the Domain tab.
  • I get the error message "Corrupt embed code"
  • To embed LiveLeader, you have to use the exact code specified by LiveLeader. If your plan does not support customization, you cannot modify this code at all. With a plan that supports customization, you're free to modify the code as you like.
  • Which internet browsers does LiveLeader support?
  • LiveLeader supports all relatively common browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.
  • Can we export the data from LiveLeader using an API?
  • Yes indeed. Take a look at this guide.
  • How can LiveLeader be free? How do you make money?
  • We offer both free and paid plans. Our not-so-secret hope is that some of our free users will need the extra features provided in the paid plans.
  • How can LiveLeader be integrated with system x?
  • LiveLeader offers two features that are useful for integration. We support the ability to insert custom visitor information in the chat window. Secondly, we provide a data export API which lets you extract all the data we gather about chats.

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