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  1. Live chat made easy

    LiveLeader makes live chat incredibly easy

    Chat directly from any web page (AJAX)
    All you need is a browser
    Cutting-edge features
    Plans starting at $9 / month

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  2. Live chat without the hassle

    Putting LiveLeader on your web site takes about 30 seconds. There's no software to install, just log in and start chatting. More importantly, LiveLeader makes it incredibly easy for visitors to start chats. LiveLeader was built from the ground up with next-generation technologies like AJAX. Which means no popups and no plugins, just an elegant chat experience.

  3. Turn live support into a competitive advantage

    LiveLeader is a next-generation live support solution. Based on web 2.0 technologies like AJAX, LiveLeader does away with popup-windows and bulky plugins, and lets you offer your customers a smooth, trouble-free live support experience.

  4. Example chat window

    Very customizable

    LiveLeader is a next-generation platform for live chat. Built using lightweight web 2.0 technologies like AJAX and with a powerful template system, you can deploy sophisticated live chat strategies in notime.

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  2. New feature: end-user sound support

    We just released a frequently requested feature : sound support for end-users (i.e. the customer end of the chat). This is particularly useful w...

  3. New feature: visitor summaries

    LiveLeader provides a wealth of information about visitors. Naturally, some bits of this information is more relevant than other bits. With the...

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